Ne0dymium Ne0dymium 7 July 2010

Ask a Dungeon Master: Welcome!

Welcome to the first edition of Ask a DM, or "Coming In On A Wing and a (celestial black)Bear". I will, no doubt with some help from the occasional guest or even readers, be answering frequently asked, or even very specific, questions about running, hosting, and generally being a part of a tabletop game. I will be posting these lovely blogs on mondays, but not necessarily every monday. I'm guessing probably twice a month for now... at least until there's a high demand for more.

What this blog is:

  • a place to visit for assistance on gaming matters.
  • me offering my opinions on such things in an attempt to resolve issues that arise when gaming.
  • a way for EVERYBODY, not just me, to discuss the questions asked. There is rarely a single right answer. I…
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