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Racconcityangel Racconcityangel 2 January 2011

Tuesday Truths: The female Xbox is the one with Fable in it.

Hello, Big Daddys and Little Sisters!! Welcome to Tuesday Truths, my name is Lacey, the mystical blue fairy to your heroic adventurer. LISTEN!! This week's subject of controversy is the idea that, from one console to another, certain demographics may be lost or gained. Also, I'd like to give a bit of a look at video gaming from the perspective of a casual gamer; I.E. the ones who haven't gone 4 days with a catheter in for the release of a new game.

The realization came to me this last New Years Eve: I was having a dorky-fun night of rhythm games, fighting games, and karaoke with my adult friends, and few teenagers for good measure. Every console in our house has its own basis for being popular, and not all of them appeal to everyone. After…

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Racconcityangel Racconcityangel 20 November 2010

Tuesday Truths: Unconventional Convention Gaming

Hi everybody! I'm Lacey, and this is Tuesday Truths, where i point and laugh at stereotypical gamers so you don't have to lift your precious controller-conditioned hands. Now that convention season is over for a couple months, i've decided to take a look at the closest thing you'll ever get to a one night stand (and being cool,) convention roleplaying. No, i'm not talking about pretending that Princess Peach over there is actually a girl... i mean one-shot games, pre-gen characters, and a chance to walk away with a bit of swag (and maybe a reputation point or two.)

Bear with me now, my convention experience is relegated to small local cons, like OMGcon, Paducah's own anime and gaming convention, and Little Egypt Wars, Carbondale's tabletop…

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Racconcityangel Racconcityangel 30 September 2010

Everything I Know About Warhammer 40K, I learned on Uncyclopedia.

Warning: This blog is made to be a parody, and should not be taken seriously in the least.

So there i was, at Egypt Wars waiting for the Hobomancer game to start. I planned to watch dorkness unfold, hoping to capture some moments of gamers being atypical. Weaving my way through the table-sized dioramas made of foam and particle board, i knew i was about to witness something almost unknown to the outside world, and foreign to even the most seasoned tabletop gamers. The banner on the most official-looking table said Rogue Trader, and i knew it had to be Warhammer.

Now, i'm about the furthest thing from an expert in this field, and right about now, i'm relying only on observation and a 12 on a Knowledge (Obscure Gaming Cults) roll...

Warhammer i…

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Racconcityangel Racconcityangel 21 September 2010

Camp Oggie: Gamer Torture Session?

Hey Boy Scouts and City Slickers!! Welcome to Tuesday Truths, i'm Lacey, your humble guide to the stereotypes and common misconceptions that gamers face. This week, i'm taking a look at the idea that gamers and their ilk are sissies when it comes to the great outdoors. The idea that gamers never leave the house is a common stereotype, added to the fact that we envision video and online gamers specifically as a pale, matrix-jacked version of their former selves. Parents complain that it's hard to get kids outside these days, due to the proliferation of video-related entertainment, and general malignant laziness. But is it really true that technology has caused us to part from our hunter-gatherer roots to the point that we are unequipped to …

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Racconcityangel Racconcityangel 20 August 2010

Give A Little!!

Hey Ogres!! Long time no see! I'm back from a short hiatus with some interesting ideas about taking back the title of gamer, and making it a good thing. We all know that groups of all kinds band together in the name of gaming, and accomplish amazing things, but too many of those accomplishments are in the roleplaying arena. We stand at a period in history in which we all have the potential to help out our fellow humans, across the globe, but we are often at a loss for how to do it. Sending money is helpful, but not very gratifying for most, and some of us only have the luxury of time and effort, not cash. Sometimes, it's just a matter of not knowing HOW to help out.

Well, a group of gamers out of Iowa created Gamers for Humanity, a non-prof…

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