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Racconcityangel Racconcityangel 18 May 2010

Tuesday's Truth: An Introduction.

Hey gamers and Ogres. I'm Lacey, and this is Tuesday's Truth. This blog is intended to cover the reality of some of the better-known myths in dorkdom, gaming, and related issues. We've all heard the popular generalizations about gamers: they're guys with no social skills who live in their parents basements, girls don't play games, D&D is related to occult activities. Most of them are outrageous enough that the average person can take it with a grain of salt, but some have led to more serious actions bordering on discrimination, violence and lawsuits. I intend to dig up the roots of these myths and expose the truth to gamers and curious parties alike.

I'd like, if i may, to take you on a journey... lol. (Dork reference) In order for this blo…

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