Below are some of the standard study fields and examples of magical things that followers of the field may be capable of (depending on their skill and roll).

Course of Study Example of Student Ability
Study Score of 5 Study Score of 10 Study Score of 15 Study Score of 20
Astronomy Write horoscopes Make celestial maps Augment spells by sign Cast astrospells
Biology Care for magical pets Breed magical pets Heal magical creature injuries Understand Dragons and other epic magical creatures
Brewing Make basic potions Brew common potions Knows all potions Customize and enhance potions
Charms Make a good first impression Win an argument Get a model's phone number Raise a zealous army
Countering Block a minor spell Cast a protective shield Block and return a spell Shield others and objects
Divination Lucky educated guesses See immediate vague future Predictive Deja-Vu Premonition
History of Magic Knows magic exists Can recall numerous wizards' names Can cast spells created by infamous historical mages Knows every historical spell by memory
Home & Garden Make trash dissipate Grow gardens Make house self-clean Magically build homes
Shifting Teleport into the next room Teleport across states Teleport across country Teleport self and others
Social Studies Slight understanding of Techies Great understanding of Techies Can interact with Techies Can Survive without Magic

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