West Canaan is located in the northern portion of Texas, though not quite in the panhandle. It is about halfway between Paducah and Guthrie just south of the county line, with most of the city residing in King County, Texas (though the school is actually in Cottle County. The town has a moderate population of 38,000 and is the center of the West Canaan Micropolitian region which receives about 100,000 to 125,000 individuals counting daytime work commuters from smaller towns in the region.

The Village Park district is the district closest to the outskirts where the school resides, and houses the hidden magical district that students and staff attend for supplies and weekend social events. The town is unaware of the school's presence as most are not "magically awakened or aware" - an affliction which the students deem as "Techies" due to their reliance on technology in place of magic.

Notable PlacesEdit

  • Bacon Bros Hardware
  • Jules Jewelers
  • Kilmer Park
  • Luigi's Pizza Parlor (attached to the arcade)
  • Moxon Pharmacy
  • The Pink Palace
  • Shiny Shillings Arcade (attached to the pizza parlor)
  • Sooki's Sports Bar
  • Tweeder Stadium
  • West End Homes (a trailer park community)

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